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"Music connects us to the vibrations of the infinite"

Doug Gould

Grammy-nominated Doug Gould is unique, a true musician for the 21st Century. His range of musical interests is extraordinary. He was trained in classical piano at the Royal College of Music by leading international artists Kendall Taylor and Yonty Solomon. Oliver Knussen and John Lambert were also vital in his development as a composer. While still at college he developed a love for classical and contemporary dance and soon received commissions from The Royal Ballet and London Contemporary Theatre amongst others.

After College Doug became a London-based session musician as well as developing his career as a solo pianist, accompanist and educator. He developed an interest in jazz and decided to embark on an ambitious programme of note-by-note transcriptions of   legendary jazz pianists. So far these number over 300, and some were recently published by the Music Sales Group.


Doug has developed his listening abilities and perfect pitch to such an extent that he can transcribe the most complex music extremely accurately without using an instrument. 


He has been described by one leading musician as “The best ears in the business”.


Doug is an accomplished improviser in all musical genres, including classical. His latest project is an epic re-imagining of the entire Beatles songbook, all 196 songs appearing in a solo piano improvisation lasting nearly an hour.


Currently Doug is MD to the Black Cherry Theatre Company, a leading music theatre improvisation group as well as being the accompanist and arranger for the wonderful French chanteuse, Angelique.

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