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Age is no barrier to achievement in his lessons (current students range from 5 - 62). He is happy to teach any standard - from beginner through to professional in any style.

Although he was trained as a concert pianist he is also a practicing jazz musician and plays boogie, gospel, rock, pop - these all feature in his lessons.

Doug is very interested in the way people learn and has developed new techniques of teaching, concentrating on the physical/kinaesthetic side of playing to start with - developing a good ear and technique. Note reading is developed a little later. As a result of this approach students seem to make rapid progress - many are already at A-level standard of performance by about 12 years old, for example.

Many of his students have been successful in gaining places at conservatoires of music in London, or at prestigious schools such as Chethams.

Doug is however not just confined to classical music - two of his ex-students have separately secured recording contracts with major labels in the past two years and he encourages all his students to have very broad musical interests and tastes.

Doug has also applied his unique approach to the teaching of singing (X-Factor!), clarinet and electronic keyboards. He also offers theory lessons to all levels, GCSE music guidance ( he is a senior examiner for a major board) and can tutor A-level and degree students in all aspects of the subject.
The emphasis in his lessons is on motivation and enjoyment.

Doug also specialises in helping those of you traumatised by your youthful experiences of piano lessons! He can offer something quite different to that!

ith impact.

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